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Archive for June 2013

Quantifying Donor Impact

It is important in any type of communication for your audience to connect with your message. Nonprofits are constantly trying to cut through the noise and recruit more volunteers, fundraisers and donors. When making a specific ask, nonprofits need to quantify the impact their potential supporters will have on the cause.  For example: Donating $X…

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Building the Next Generation of Nonprofit Fundraising Software

Here at RallyBound we are constantly tinkering and iterating on our platform to keep it fresh, sophisticated and innovative. In the upcoming months we will be releasing some exciting updates to our software to democratize the way nonprofits access enterprise-level tools and feature sets. Most recently RallyBound launched integrations with Google Analytics, Google Translate, Salesforce…

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Let’s Start From the Beginning.

RallyBound grew out of Invision California in 2011 and has since been incubated under Prodege Inc. Originally, Invision worked with nonprofits to build websites and set up fundraising campaigns. Invision saw that nonprofits consistently had to rely on software engineers to customize and integrate with fundraising software. These software vendors supplied the infrastructure (at a…

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