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Archive for August 2013

Google+ for Nonprofits

Contrary to popular belief Google+ is not a barren myspace-land. There is a vibrant community and it is a great tool for content marketing. The platform provides tons of opportunity for rich media and storytelling. Current nonprofits using G+ to their advantage are United Way and World Wildlife Foundation. See this recent best practices brief…

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Gmail Tabs and Nonprofit Email Marketing

There is a lot of discussion lately on how Gmail’s new tab feature is affecting open and click through rates. After reviewing a few sources and some internal data, we are cautiously optimistic this will be a good thing for user engagement and email fundraising in general. Most importantly, we are optimistic about the effects…

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Three Ways Nonprofits Can Avoid Being Dumped into Gmail’s Promotions Tab

Chances are your newsletters are now being funneled into Gmail’s new Promotions tab with the recent inbox update. This is frustrating for marketers’ sales but for nonprofits trying to spread the message of their cause, this could be disastrous. Here are three ways to try to circumvent Gmail’s new inbox feature. 1. Request recipients add…

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