Fundraising Tips for 2014

1. Invest in software that highlights YOUR mission and brand:

-Great technology is designed to be intuitive, non-invasive and almost invisible. If your supporters know what fundraising software you use, it’s distracting from the real purpose.   

-Social Media. When used properly, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress help to propel your brand out into the world.

2. Push technology to work with you, not against you: 

-In-line with the previous tip, technology can now automate so many of our day-to-day manual activities. Look into integrations and let the innovation free up your day. Technology should be seen as a new stellar employee.

3. Utilize free trials to expose yourself to new technologies and tools: APIs, HTML, CSS, Social Media, Mobile Site vs. App, Integration, etc

-Simply a pointed argument that you can access and utilize new technologies no matter your budget. Remember, a 14-day trial of X or an embedded version of a larger platform could be just enough time to run a fantastic fundraising campaign. 

4. Produce and Deliver Content- No matter what. Hire an intern if you have to. Make this happen! (Low-Cost Tools)




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