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Archive for January 2014

Fundraising Tips for 2014

1. Invest in software that highlights YOUR mission and brand: -Great technology is designed to be intuitive, non-invasive and almost invisible. If your supporters know what fundraising software you use, it’s distracting from the real purpose.    -Social Media. When used properly, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress help to propel your brand out into the world.…

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Crowdfunding vs. P2P Fundraising: When to Use Which

Without question, it is a fascinating time to be a Fundraising Professional. With the influx of technology, fundraising is being thrust into some very exciting and positive places.  The two main catalysts in this are crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising(P2P) who are swiftly positioning themselves as the go-to strategies for many. With the opportunity to greatly…

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Salesforce App Webinar with Cloud4Good

We have discussed our various integrations on our blog in the past. From analytics to payment processing to automating tasks, we love being able to plug in third-party tools to help our nonprofits run more effective fundraising campaigns.  The integration that has received the most buzz has definitely been our Salesforce app. Our app allows…

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