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Archive for March 2014

Top 10 Nonprofit Fundraising Events of 2013

RallyBound presents the Top 10 Single Largest Nonprofit Fundraising Events. This inforgraphic provides a snapshot of the event fundraising industry in 2013. The event fundraising industry is in flux and it is important to understand where there are growth opportunities. All of these events use a form of peer-to-peer fundraising to raise these amounts. RallyBound used publicly available…

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The Beauty of Salesforce and a Good Integration

Everybody loves a good integration. Rallybound is no stranger to that feeling. We have placed a concerted effort on fruitful syncs to software that’s helpful to our clients. Salesforce is such an integration. Successful integrations enhance, not detract. They streamline workflow and automated tasks. They’re mutually beneficial. Salesforce checks this vital box because of its…

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Product Update: St. Paddy’s Day Edition!

As we’ve communicated before, we continually strive to make our product better. We are going to start sending regular product updates to make sure you are aware of new features that will help your fundraising campaigns. The three new features in this issue are: 1. Donors can now choose to pay processing fee. This is a feature that can be turned on…

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Our Salesforce App Explained

Many nonprofits that contact us ask us about what type of integrations we allow. In general, we encourage all our clients to bring third-party tools that reduce workflow friction which lead to more efficient fundraising campaigns. Our Salesforce app is the most popular for a number of reasons. Nonprofits searching for an easier way to manage…

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Nonprofits, Let’s Have an Honest Chat

Two to three times a day I hear the same refrain from potential customers. It usually goes something like this, “I *hate* my current software provider but everyone in my organization is afraid to change platforms”. Now *hate* is a very strong word and I do not use it lightly but that IS the word…

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Growth Hack Your Nonprofit

In so many cases, a buzzwords’ buzz is unfounded. The word picks up steam for hours, days, and weeks and eventually tapers off into the sea of multimedia. In contrast, Growth Hacking is a term that for the last few years has remained sticky and for good reason. Simply stated, growth hacking is the idea…

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