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Archive for August 2014

Infographic: Top 5 Wildest Nonprofit Fundraisers

Fundraising is serious business but campaigns don’t always have to be. The more unique, different or interesting the campaign the more attention it gets. This attention and awareness usually equates to more dollars raised. The recent #StrikeOutALS #Icebucketchallenge craze is a good example. Some figures estimate up to $4 million raised for ALS in just…

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Apply #SharkWeek Tactics. Improve Peer-to-Peer Campaign Buzz

Last week, our team examined the possible issue of Donor Fatigue. While many worry about it creeping into their donor base, it is best to focus on solutions. This week is SharkWeek, a hallow time. And as it’s touted, it has been the “King of Summer since 1987”. There is good reason for that. Focused…

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Donor Fatigue: Its Impact and Circumvention

Today, we enjoy a flooded market. Now, more than ever people are bombarded by media incessantly; organizations have heightened competition and the result is a possible donor base, tirelessly trying to decipher who does what, how they do it better and why they should give money. Each and every one of you understands this. You…

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10 Nonprofits Email Tips from MailChimp Research

Emails are the most effective form of converting individuals to donors in peer-to-peer fundraising today. Over and over, strategists, experts, and organizations come to the same conclusion. But are you sending email communications as effective as you could be? Are you missing out on vital conversions? Most likely. Frankly MANY organizations, including us, can be…

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