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Archive for September 2014

Rallybound now Integrates with Dropbox!

Oh, Dropbox how you make life so much more organized and collaborative. We use it internally at RallyBound to alleviate clutter and manage vital documents across departments with ease. After conversations with clients specifically regarding report management, we present our latest integration: Dropbox! Now, simply with the click of a button within the admin integrations…

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Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Results are everything. Whether you enjoy fiscal conversations or not, the ability to raise substantial funding aids in providing substantial impact to your communities. The ability to reach these levels is a tenet of RallyBound’s development. More specifically, it is the basis on which we were founded. The online fundraising marketplace is a busy space…

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One Month of the #ALSIcebucketChallenge

On August 29th the ALS Association announced that the #IcebucketChallenge had just surpassed raising $100 million dollars. The viral sensation took the country by storm this summer. While there was reason to be concerned with slacktivism, we believe that this campaign should be celebrated for what it is: an amazing windfall for those working hard…

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Rallybound’s Mailchimp Integration

RallyBound is always on the look out for new services to add to our integrations directory. Today we are excited to announce yet another service that extends our client’s reach with peer-to-peer fundraising: Mailchimp. Email is the most effective way of reaching out to potential donors and supporters. Important and easy-to-use email tools are critical…

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The Case for your Own Fundraising Platform

Over the past few years, many nonprofits have become well involved with DIY peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Here’ s a great article from Henry Gresson of Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine Australia exploring this global phenomenon and specifics on improving results. From campaigns like the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, to a concerted citywide Bake Sale, providing your supporters with the…

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