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Archive for October 2014

Centralization: The Benefits of Integration

Fundraising is hard to manage. With multiple platforms providing a variety of capabilities to disparately involved departments, there is room for chaos. RallyBound strives to prevent that chaos and reduce the possibility of missed opportunities. We do this through impactful integrations with cutting edge providers such as: Salesforce, BillHighway, Dropbox and MailChimp. Below are just…

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Prevent Cancer 5k grows by 58%

We’re grateful to all of our clients for giving us a front row seat to impact in action. Each and every cause is vital, powerful and socially enriching. Prevent Cancer Foundation is especially one of those inspiring groups. Prevent Cancer is solely focused on cancer prevention and early detection through research, education, advocacy and community programs.…

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Rallybound Now Integrates with Salesforce NGO Connect

We strive to provide our clients with the latest and greatest technology not just for their online fundraising efforts, but to centralize all of their collective administrative tasks through effective integrations. RallyBound was one of the first to be certified as a peer-to-peer fundraising app for nonprofits on Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack. We were early to…

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The Power of Humility and Gratitude: Open Arms of Minnesota

It is a great joy watching our clients exceed their goals. Recently, we had the privilege to watch Open Arms of Minnesota utilize RallyBound to fundraise for their inaugural Cook-a-Thon. Open Arms of Minnesota did a lot of things right in their campaign but the more impressive aspects of their campaign were displayed through their…

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Before and After: Registration Flow

This is the last post in the 3 part series is WAY over due! In this post of our Before and After series, we break down the participant registration flow of our client’s previous platform. The series has attempted to show the power of a well designed and intuitive software that ultimately helps your organization raise…

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