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Archive for December 2014

Rallybound’s Resolutions for 2015

Great products constantly evolve. The work is never done. In that vein, we identified five key areas where we promise to push ourselves for the betterment of our clients. We swear these aren’t faux diet-esque resolutions. REFINE our platform to provide top-notch experiences for Admins, Fundraisers and Donors. ENHANCE customer service for clients. It helps…

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10% vs. 1.7% : The Growth of Online versus Offline Giving

10% vs 1.7%. This comparison represents online fundraising growth in 2012 versus giving overall. Those are stark contrasts and highlights a crucial point: digital fundraising is a runaway train and those who are not embracing new technology are sure to be left behind. On another level, those hesitant to double down on technological investments must…

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Reactivating Donors: Cookies for Kids Cancer and the Birthday Blast

When RallyBound devised the Fundraising Platform tier, the sole purpose was to provide nonprofits with the ability to own a variety of campaigns in one centralized location. Clients like Cookies for Kids Cancer embody this vision perfectly. For many years, their main source of fundraising came from supporter hosted bake sales and birthday campaigns. Unfortunately,…

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