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Archive for March 2015

Online Donations: On the Rise & Only Part of the Story

Over the last few weeks, the RallyBound team has been delving into the 2015 P2P Forum dataset provided by P2P Forum and Plenty. Doing so has unveiled a few interesting discoveries. Over the next couple weeks, we will present these findings and offer up some insights on their market implications. In this initial iteration we…

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4 Ways to Enhance your 2015 Fundraising!

Last month, RallyBound had the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar with our partner, Charity Dynamics. The webinar took place in conjunction with the publication of Charity Dynamics: The Next 10 Years In Digital Fundraising report. The infographic below illustrates a few of the trends surveyed. Within the discussion both organizations addressed where the winds of…

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Is DIY Fundraising right for you?

Whether you prefer to dub it DIY (Do-It Yourself) Fundraising, IFP (Independent Fundraising Program) or 3rd-Party Fundraising, the power and temptation of alternatively hosted events/campaigns is palpable. During the P2P Forum this year, the topic permeated a variety of conference halls, bar rooms and hallway powwows. While many examples of success exist, many conversations circle…

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How to Incorporate Gamification on Rallybound

While many dispute its true value, gamification is a hot topic of interest for many fundraising practitioners. For those who are unaware or looking for a refresher, the term gamification relates to techniques utilized to leverage people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, socializing, learning, and self-expression . Here at RallyBound, we are ardent supporters of…

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Psychology and Technology: The Perfect Mixture for Donor Retention

The main objective of any fundraising campaign is to accumulate the necessary funds for organizational operation. More specifically, the goal is to create meaningful relationships and behaviors that preserve donors year after year. Why? Returning donors raise 2X in comparison to new donors. Trouble is maintaining donors are a tough task, but methods are emerging…

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From Orlando with Insight: #P2P15 Takeaways

“This is the time [to invest]…” says Jeff Shuck of Plenty Consulting. From every guidance we’ve read, we wholeheartedly support this statement. For peer-to-peer practitioners who gathered in Orlando last week, the highlight most certainly was the collaborative insight provided. From organizations of varying scales to vendors working in similar industries, the familial sense you…

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