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Archive for May 2015

Benjamin Franklin and Strategic Fundraising

Few people in history are as revered as Benjamin Franklin. An intellectual’s intellectual, he was an architect of the US Constitution, an inventor and a statesman. But for our 3rd installment in the “Pioneers of Fundraising” series, we are going to focus on how he structured fundraising for success and was quite the aficionado. He…

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Charles Sumner Ward, Frank L Pierce and the YMCA

Publicists, Publicity and Time Incentives. These are all commonplace within fundraising campaigns today. In 1905, this was not the case and provides the setting for the second installment of our series on the “Pioneers of Fundraising”. History In need of a securing funding to construct a new building in New York City, the YMCA set…

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Refine Responsibilities and Focus with Automation

Scientifically speaking, humans are unable to multitask at a high level. In fact, we actually don’t act simultaneously, rather transition between tasks at impressive rates. Yet, this is often a requisite skill for many non-profit administrators. It is these Reasonings that make automation an incredible asset to peer-to-peer fundraising. Why? It provides the ability to…

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Bill Graham and the Benefit Concert

Photo credit: Driving into work a few days ago, our COO Joe Magee was greeted by an NPR story on famed concert impresario, Bill Graham. While influential in the storied Fillmore Auditorium’s rise to prominence, he was also the father of the benefit concert. This sparked some internal deliberation about the evolution of fundraising…

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Some Optimism for Post-Recession Fundraising

The fear of many within the nonprofit and fundraising space is that the opportunities or inflow pre-recession greatly surpassed post-recession. It is a concern of ours and drives our interest in developing frictionless products that allows donors to engage and contribute swiftly to campaigns. As we have done for many weeks, our team dug into…

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