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Archive for July 2015

Be honest, You Love and Hate Virality

Virality: The elusive and agitating term. What everyone wants, but so few catch. It creates envy, a wanting to duplicate another brands sensation for organizational awareness. The interest is warranted. From celebrities to brands, these “movements” have made significant impressions, but they are not the be all and end all. We’ll address this later. For…

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Fundraising Needs a Little Money and Magic

A lot has been said about innovation. More often than not, the term is quite vexing, leaving readers with more questions than answers. We’ve been guilty of it. But now, we want to present a methodology supporting real success at scale applicable for peer-to-peer fundraising.  Developed by Fahrenheit 212, this process is called Money +…

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Self-service Ticketing Pages

*Please note, this product is currently in Private Beta. Speed is vital to fundraising. Impact anytime, anywhere. This is the motto. This is the objective. For many organizations, friction has historically inhibited launching new events, donation or ticketing pages. This reality caused opportunities to be passed up simply because they couldn’t react. RallyBound was built…

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Rallybound and Boundless Fundraising

Great integrations are like any other business partnership. They provide equal opportunity to all: the user, the partners and in the nonprofit sphere, beneficiaries. RallyBound’s fusion with Boundless Fundraising checks all three boxes. On Wednesday, July 15, we’ll be digging deeper into why this is such and highlighting some organizations who have had success as…

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