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Archive for August 2015

Some DIY Fundraising Examples to Get You Started

Do-It-Yourself Fundraising is all the rage right now and with good reason. There are numerous advantages to organizations who implement it such as: 1. Low barrier to entry 2. Registration aids in market research 3. Revenue diversification 4. Non-core donor/advocacy interest 5. Enlarged awareness net 6. Management ease provides huge potential for smaller organizations But…

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Import Contacts via iCloud and LinkedIn

Email is a critical component of peer-to-peer fundraising. Whether on mobile, desktop or tablet, donors still take more impact actions on email than any other channel. That’s why we take email so seriously. And in conjunction with the mission of making it that much easier for fundraisers to import contacts (to raise funds), HQ’s now…

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Sync Rallybound with Constant Contact

In our minds, it is crucial that administrators have the ability to connect 3rd-Party service platforms. Our ethos is that great products focus: RallyBound on peer-to-peer type fundraising, CRMs on managing contacts and providers like Constant Contact on nurturing your supporters with stellar email marketing. So, it is with delight that we announce our Constant…

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How to Give Thanks to your Donors on Rallybound

“Please” and “Thank You” are commonplace in child development. We’re taught to treat others with esteem and in return they will do the same. In fundraising this is no different; it’s crucial to sustaining influence. In a world of impersonal interactions, saying “Thank You” to a donor whether in-kind or monetary, says a lot about…

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