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Archive for March 2016

Do Donors Need Their Own Dedicated Mobile Apps?

As you may have heard, RallyBound recently acquired mobile app development company Chorus Connect. The Chorus apps, which are used by four of the top 15 peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns in the U.S., are designed to allow individual fundraisers to manage their P2P campaigns from their smartphones. While we plan a host of improvements to both the…

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How Philanthropy Can Make You Happy

If you could be granted one wish, what would you ask for? Fortune? Fame? Love? Whatever you’d consider asking for, it’s likely that you’d ask be asking for this thing because you believe it would make you happy. Ultimately, happiness is what we all search for and some scientists are beginning to focus their research…

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Four Reasons People Fundraise for Nonprofits

The range of events and causes available to potential fundraisers and donors today means that it is especially important to understand what drives people to fundraise for a nonprofit. Any nonprofit planning a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign needs to be able to both find and motivate participants for their events, and an understanding of what actually…

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Nonprofits From Startup Incubator Talk About Their Experiences

A recent article by startup incubator Y Combinator provided a summary of a roundtable talk by some of the new nonprofits that have come through its program.  If you’re not familiar with incubators, basically they exist to allow startup founders – usually for-profit companies but sometimes nonprofits – to build out an early version of their…

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Returning Fundraisers Signing Back Up for Campaigns

Many nonprofits run recurring events or campaigns every year, and enabling returning fundraisers to rejoin campaigns is a top priority for both those nonprofits and for RallyBound. In response to our clients’ requests, we’ve adjusted our event and campaign registration process to automatically detect a returning user (based on their email address) when they attempt…

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