Year in review: New ways to work with our fundraising platform

2017 was all about bringing new functionality to our users, along with fresh interfaces and powerful enhancements to our fundraising platform architecture. Many of the features that were rolled out this year are foundational building blocks to where our users and our team see our fundraising platform going in the coming years. We were thrilled to hear all of the great feedback we received from managers and users of the thousands of campaigns we ran this year. Let’s take a look at what we rolled out in 2017:

New Admin

One of the most significant advances to our platform this year was our release of New Admin, the completely redesigned interface for nonprofit campaign administrators. While New Admin brought a completely new look to the interface, the most significant change involved our Groups feature, which allows nonprofits with multiple campaigns to organize their fundraising in powerful new ways, and includes new permission and notification structures.

Salesforce Integration Improvements

Throughout the year we updated our already powerful Salesforce integration and sync, including enhanced duplicate management, recurring donations, organization accounts, options for managing event attendees and enhancements to our custom mapping engine.

Fundraiser Feed

We launched the Fundraiser Feed feature to provide peer-to-peer fundraisers with a modern, easy to use way to share their updates, including text, photos and videos. The Fundraiser Feed also has livestreaming integration with Facebook Live, which can turn a fundraising page into a de-facto telethon!

Expanded Recurring Donation Functionality

We expanded the options that a nonprofit can offer donors to submit recurring donations, enabling nonprofits to set up weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual donations.

Activity Stream

With Activity Stream, users at the organizational level can see a real-time stream (grouped daily) of a variety of actions taken by fundraisers and donors across all of the campaigns that an organization is currently running.


eCards are custom-made images that nonprofits can include as an additional option for donors when they email someone to tell them that they have made a tribute donation.

User Profile

In order to allow fundraisers to be able to make profile changes in one place that will push to all campaigns they are part of, we released a new User Profile interface for all campaigns. Fundraisers can now connect to every campaign that they have signed up for in an organization through the User Profile section, instead of doing it campaign-by-campaign.



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