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Archive for April 2017

Fundraiser Feed brings Facebook Live to fundraising pages

An individual’s ability to raise funds from a crowd or network is a fluid, ongoing process. People are passionate when fundraising for a cause and they need all the tools to express that excitement. To enable this expression we’re excited to launch our new Fundraiser Feed which is the new media section for a fundraiser’s personal…

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New Salesforce sync options including duplicates and NPSP recurring donations

With a new update to our Fundraising app for Salesforce, Rallybound now offers a number of new options for nonprofit Salesforce administrators, including: enhanced duplicate management, recurring donations, organization accounts, options for managing event attendees and enhancements to our custom mapping engine. Duplicates While Rallybound’s Salesforce integration has long offered ways to combat duplicate records,…

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Nonprofit tip: Run Facebook ads around fundraisers’ birthdays

One way that many nonprofits ask their supporters to fundraise for their cause is to ask them to “donate” their birthday. This means that fundraisers operate a personal campaign around their birthday, asking friends and family to donate to their campaign instead of giving them personal gifts or congratulations. Some nonprofits have found a great…

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