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Archive for May 2017

How nonprofits can get their apps on fundraisers’ phones

Many savvy nonprofits have already taken the important step of adding native iOS and Android apps to their fundraising toolkit. These apps allow fundraisers to track and share their campaign progress from their mobile phones, using an interface and features that are optimized – and in some cases, only available on – their phones. Of…

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CHOC Walk relaunches for 2017, now powered by Rallybound

This month, CHOC Children’s (CHOC) kicked off fundraising for its 27th annual CHOC “Walk in the Park” at Disneyland, with the launch of a brand new website, powered by Rallybound. The event, which has over 15,000 participants, has a fundraising goal of $3.1 million in 2017 to benefit children’s health in Orange County, California. The website,,…

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In honor of – Multiple ways to collect tribute donations

Donations made in honor of someone – tributes – is an emerging way for nonprofits to raise funds online. At Rallybound, we have built a variety of ways for nonprofits to include tribute fundraising into their overall giving campaigns. Memorial Campaigns The first option for organizations on a Rallybound Platform or Enterprise license is to create…

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Infographic: Largest cycling events for charity in 2016

Every year there are numerous cycling events, whether races or rides, for charity throughout the USA. In 2016, the top 8 peer-to-peer cycling events in the US raised over $128 million combined for charitable causes. We’ve rounded up those 8 single events into one fun infographic for you to download and share with your coworkers and…

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