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Archive for August 2017

Cycling event Bike4Chai 2017 rides to the finish line in record breaking style

In its eighth year, the recently completed Bike4Chai cycling event had its best year yet, raising over $8.44 million for Chai Lifeline, which supports children, including at the ride’s annual destination, Camp Simcha in upstate New York. The ride, which is limited to around 500 participants, saw an increase of over $1.4 million from 2016.…

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A short history of the walkathon

Today, the walkathon is a staple of peer-to-peer fundraising worldwide. But did you know that the first ever walkathon was crafted in 1953 by Puerto Rican actor and comedian Ramon Ortiz Del Rivero, better known by his stage name “Diplo”? Rivero’s walk took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he walked 80 miles for…

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Building a nonprofit board of directors that maximizes fundraising

Maintaining a nonprofit board that maximizes revenue for your organization is no simple task. Before recruiting potential board members to your organization, here’s a few ideas to keep in mind: Do your research Before reaching out to prospective board members, make sure to do your research. Be sure that they would be interested in investing…

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Reconnect with past participants, fundraisers and donors

It is critical for every nonprofit to reconnect with past participants, donors and fundraisers that have not recently taken part in fundraising efforts. The good new is, if someone has raised funds or donated to an organization in the past, the organization has an existing connection and, with work, many of those supporters can be…

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