Year in review: Bringing innovative new features and joining a great ecosystem

In September of this year, Rallybound began a new chapter when we joined the Neon One ecosystem, which just last week grew to include a new member, CiviCore. This ecosystem is built for nonprofits, and we’ve been thrilled by the response we’ve gotten from our nonprofit partners about how this alliance will bring massive benefits and end-to-end solutions for their needs.

Beyond Neon One, we also launched a slew of new features and products, and were named the 841st fastest growing private company in America by Inc Magazine. Here’s a quick roundup of the most important improvements we rolled out to our platform in 2018, starting with the most recent:

Champion Campaigns

With Champion Campaigns, Champions can create full-fledged campaigns to accept donations, promote and sell tickets to an event, and even invite friends and family to fundraise around that event. This encourages Champions to bring in their acquaintances, who in turn include their own personal network, resulting in exponential growth.

Show Your Match

Show Your Match is a new addition to our standalone donation pages, which nonprofits can create in minutes in order to launch an online fundraising campaign. When setting up the donation page, nonprofit admins will now see new Show Your Match modules that can be added to the page.

Site Builder

Nonprofit administrators can use Site Builder tools to edit their website’s template, including editing the font, colors, navigation menu, banner media, buttons, and widgets. Site Builder includes a number of powerful editing features including reordering of elements by dragging and dropping, changing colors using a color picker, and easily adding or removing widgets.

PCI DSS Level 1 certification

Rallybound achieved certification as a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. The Level 1 certification required a successful audit by an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) of the systems, procedures and controls we use to keep your data safe. We are very proud of this accomplishment – it is the highest level certification and an important milestone in our ongoing commitment to security and privacy.

Event Listings

Event Listings are an evolution of fundraising that is intended to increase team spirit and togetherness. It begins with an individual, or team, who decides to fundraise for a nonprofit and creates a personal page with a unique URL to share with friends and family.

Logging in as a user & PDF attachments


In June, we released two updates: the first allows nonprofit admins to log into a fundraising page as if they were the user, and the second allows nonprofits to create custom PDF attachments to donation emails.

Full translation of fundraising websites

While Rallybound has long supported Google Translate as an integration, the translations have not been editable for the nonprofits. For nonprofits with supporters in multiple countries – and/or those that want to offer their entire fundraising experience online in either a single non-English language or multiple languages – Rallybound earlier this year began supporting complete translation of our fundraising tools.

Well, that’s a wrap, keep an eye out for many new features and developments in 2019!



Chad Catacchio


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