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Archive for April 2018

How nonprofits can embed donation and ticketing pages in minutes

Rallybound enables nonprofits to embed sleek Rallybound donation and ticketing forms anywhere on any website. But, what exactly is embedding? On a broad level, embedding enables content which is build and hosted on other websites to be presented on a third party website. For example, when viewing a YouTube video on a website other than…

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P2P, DIY, IFE – OMG!? Making Sense of Fundraising Acronyms

The nonprofit world, just like any other sector, has its own set of jargon and acronyms and even some long-time nonprofit professionals are unclear of what some of them exactly mean. Throw these in with the nonprofit organization’s internal acronyms and we end up in quite the puzzle. We made a list of commonly used…

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Build your nonprofit fundraising stack, Part 4: CMS

This is the fourth and final part in our series about what we call the “Nonprofit Fundraising Technology Stack,” and in this installment we’re going to focus on options for integrating your main website – whether it’s a CMS or hard-coded – with your fundraising tools. Content management systems The most essential online presence that…

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Nonprofit fundraising stack, Part 2: Payment processors

Payment processors enable nonprofits to receive debit or credit card payments online through different gateways. You can connect your payment processor to your website, CRM and your digital fundraising platform. These processors perform various functions such as evaluating transactions to make sure they are valid and approved, and provide fraud protection. This way the donor’s…

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