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Archive for June 2018

How to ask for donations using SMS

Peer-to-peer fundraising relies on our relationships – people make donations at the recommendation of a friend or colleague. This also applies to fundraising via SMS. Generally, we only have the phone numbers of people we are close to. Sending a text message with a donation form link has a higher chance of being opened because…

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Are endurance events right for your organization?

Endurance events have become a popular fundraising approach for nonprofits. They consist of marathons, hikes and many other challenging physical activity events. These events are effective in fundraising and bringing cause awareness since they are able to engage a large number of participants through peer-to-peer fundraising. However, endurance isn’t necessarily the right fit for all…

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Recent platform updates: Logging in as a user; PDF attachments

Sometimes it’s hard to know what something looks like through the eyes of others. Since the Rallybound system is used by nonprofit staff and fundraisers, and with each having unique needs, we provide separate views for different types of users. However, in the past, this has made troubleshooting questions from fundraisers slightly harder for nonprofit…

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How to personalize nonprofit fundraising

As we’ve often said: peer-to-peer fundraising is hard work and requires a firm commitment from supporters. Savvy nonprofits understand this and use tools that not only make the fundraising process easier, but also personalize and reward fundraisers. Technology such as triggers and placeholders help automate personalized messages to fundraisers and keep them motivated throughout the…

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