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Archive for December 2018

Year in review: Bringing innovative new features and joining a great ecosystem

In September of this year, Rallybound began a new chapter when we joined the Neon One ecosystem, which just last week grew to include a new member, CiviCore. This ecosystem is built for nonprofits, and we’ve been thrilled by the response we’ve gotten from our nonprofit partners about how this alliance will bring massive benefits…

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CiviCore joins Neon One to enhance giving day technology

Neon One today announced that CiviCore will be joining forces with Neon and Rallybound – we are thrilled to welcome them to the family! CiviCore was founded in 2000, with the goal of driving social change through nonprofit empowerment. Over the past few years, CiviCore has helped raise more than $500 million for 27,000 different…

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Santa themed fundraisers on Rallybound

A number of nonprofits run Santa themed fundraisers as a great way to engage end-of-year donors. These are fun activities that can also remind supporters that they don’t have to wait until December 31st to make a year-end donation. Below, we highlight a couple of Santa themed events run by two Rallybound customers, San Francisco…

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Get more control over your fundraising website design with Site Builder

When designing and running a nonprofit fundraising platform, there are invariably website design aspects that will need to change based on changing needs. Rallybound-built fundraising websites have always included flexibility to make changes using CSS to our templates, and we have also helped clients with both designing and updating their templates. That said, many of…

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Champion Campaigns: Allow supporters to take their fundraising to the next level

Fundraisers are the heart of any nonprofit fundraising campaign. That said, some fundraisers go the extra mile (and then some) and elevate their advocacy work to the next level. We call these fundraisers “Champions,” and on Rallybound they get special powers. With Champion Campaigns, Champions can create full-fledged campaigns to accept donations, promote and sell…

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Drive donations with Rallybound’s new Show Your Match feature

Getting a donor – whether an individual, corporation or larger foundation – to match donations during a funding drive is a key strategy that many nonprofits routinely use to increase interest and urgency for their fundraising campaigns. However, the information around the match is often only verbally relayed to potential donors, either through media or…

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