Multiple ways to implement our fundraising solutions

Get Rallybound how you need us

There are three ways that nonprofits can use Rallybound to power their digital fundraising efforts: dedicated fundraising microsite; embedding into your existing websites; or integrated into your websites at the programmable level. All Rallybound standard licenses include setup services for your fundraising platform. This includes technical setup and design, as well as training on how to most effectively use the Rallybound platform. If you have a dedicated web domain that you want to use for a dedicated Rallybound-powered campaign website, we can also set that up for you at an additional cost.

Templated microsites

For nonprofits looking for a dedicated, separate website (a "microsite") to be the online home of their fundraising campaign, Rallybound builds the entire mobile-optimized microsite, using one of our various platform templates. Rallybound's developers and designers set up all facets of the microsite, including the microsite's home page, event info and registration, individual fundraiser pages and donation pages. We work with nonprofits to customize the colors, images and messaging on the microsite, and to select the correct options for the admin panel. Nonprofits can also choose a custom domain through our white labeling option, and/or enable a responsive design for their microsite.


Embed Rallybound widgets on your website

Rallybound's donation functionality can be placed on any website, and wherever on the site (main body, sidebar, etc) you want it to go. So if you're looking to add donor functionality to your existing nonprofit website, we can easily provide you that with just a few lines of code or a custom built webpage that can sit on your website domain.

Seamlessly into your website

Integrate Rallybound seamlessly into your website

This is a great option for nonprofits that have the in-house technical expertise to work with our API, and want complete creative control of how their fundraising website looks and functions. Like all Rallybound platform options, Rallybound provides the backend admin interface.

Integrate Rallybound