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360 Views: 4 Examples Of Humanitarian Virtual Reality Video

Following up on our post last week on virtual reality (VR) for nonprofits, we thought we’d share a few professionally produced humanitarian VR videos. Right now, there are two VR / 360 degree video studios that have been leading the way in this space, Vrse and RYOT News.


Although a news platform first, RYOT has also worked with nonprofits to produce VR reports from the field. In the video below, actor Jared Leto narrates a VR video about climate change effects on the Arctic done in collaboration with the Sierra Club (the videos below can be viewed in a browser as well if you don’t have a VR viewer – just use your mouse to drag the video around to see the 360 view):

In the video below, actress Olivia Wilde narrates a video done by RYOT about Save the Children’s work with child refugees:


Vrse has also been producing high-quality short VR films focused on humanitarian issues, a video about the Syrian conflict.




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