4 Takeaways from UP 4 THE FIGHT

In conjunction with the publication of our case study with Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, RallyBound co-hosted a webinar to present insights into how collegiate fundraising could work for interested parties. Although focused on college students, we believe EGPAF’s effort and success could be applicable across various campaign types.

With a focus on aligning cause, technology and impact, here are 4 highlights:

1. Modern technology is critical to success, especially with younger demos

EGPAF performed an extensive assessment on platforms within the marketplace to ensure their key supporters were provided with first-rate tools to raise awareness and support. Without this ability, friction occurs with your outreach and causes frustration. The next generation of breadwinners and heads of households will be digital natives, reduce usability challenges as much as possible.

2. Combine human touch-points with digital awareness

No matter how digital our world becomes, some human contact can do a campaign a lot of good. While some can convey passion admirably in text, others thrive at interpersonal communication. Don’t be afraid to propose both. Boots-on-campus provided considerable impact to UP 4 THE FIGHT.

3. Incentives can have exponential effects

People enjoy goals and appreciation for their efforts. Incentives allowed UP 4 THE FIGHT to do provide both in a concise manner. Make sure they align with your mission and apply as you wish.

4. 52% increase in avg. dance marathon participant fundraising

A culmination of number UP 4 THE FIGHT’s efforts was able to achieve impressive growth by leveraging great tools, multiple touch points and driven by well-placed incentives,

While geared towards their collegiate fundraising program, you can see how UP 4 THE FIGHT’s results and tactics can easily be integrated into a number of fundraising structures. We for one cannot wait to see how modern fundraising continues to evolve.

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