4 Things We Learned At The Dreamforce Nonprofit Lodge

Last week was an amazing four days at Dreamforce in San Francisco, and we were thrilled to sponsor the nonprofit Lodge and to meet so many exciting nonprofits, Salesforce employees and consultants, as well as other technology companies. As anyone that has attended the annual conference can attest, there was so much going on that it would be impossible to give a full recap of everything that happened, but we wanted to speak to a few things that we learned:

Dreamforce Is A Nonprofit Conference

The Salesforce.org staff were very committed to bringing a wide range of learning and training for nonprofits to the 4-day event, and many of the nonprofit professionals that we spoke with were keen on going through the entire “Trailhead” experience that the conference provided.

Also, just in terms of sheer numbers, Dreamforce is likely one of the largest nonprofit technology conferences we have ever attended (as a small sample, we had over 700 people attend The Engagement Party, which we sponsored). This not only means that Salesforce is an integral part of many nonprofits’ technology stacks, but also that these nonprofits are committed to finding the best ways to leverage Salesforce to drive their fundraising and other initiatives.

Email Marketing Is A Core Consideration

In our discussions with nonprofits throughout the week, we noticed that many organizations – rightly – view email marketing as a core part of their technology stack, especially in regards to its integration with Salesforce. We have previously written about how vital email communications are to fundraisers and donors, and of course, Rallybound directly integrates with Constant Contact and MailChimp, in addition to our platform’s email functionality. Rallybound is committed to deepening our support for this key fundraising functionality.

Nonprofits Love Data Visualization

In addition to email marketing, Dreamforce also solidified our belief that data visualization is an important and compelling feature for nonprofits doing fundraising. Whether it’s inside of Salesforce or in the Rallybound platform admin, showing fundraising data as visually as possible is something that nonprofits expect from their software. Rallybound continues to build more visualization features into our platform, as well as new ways to record fundraising data, which will provide richer data sets from which to build visuals.

Salesforce Account Executives Deeply Care

Some of the most rapt audiences of our demos during Dreamforce were with the very dedicated Salesforce account executives that took the time to fully understand the RallyBound platform and how it integrates into Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and other versions of Salesforce for nonprofits. The account executives we met were thoughtful, asked great questions about Rallybound being Lightning Ready, about what sets Rallybound apart from other fundraising platforms, and how Rallybound + Salesforce can be used most effectively by nonprofits. We look forward to working with Salesforce nonprofit representatives on many new projects!

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