4 Ways to Enhance your 2015 Fundraising!

Last month, RallyBound had the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar with our partner, Charity Dynamics. The webinar took place in conjunction with the publication of Charity Dynamics: The Next 10 Years In Digital Fundraising report. The infographic below illustrates a few of the trends surveyed.

Within the discussion both organizations addressed where the winds of peer to peer fundraising are heading over the next decade. So, as the first quarter of 2015 comes swiftly to a close, we wanted to reignite the conversation in an effort to ensure that organizations are finessing early strategies for cumulative growth over the next 9 months. Below are 4 recommendations on how to move your fundraising up and to the right!

Innovate and experiment

  • Don’t be afraid to look to alternative ways of fundraising beyond the traditional. In a cluttered, saturated mediascape, you must do NEW to stick out. But, what’s beautiful about a cluttered market? Only slight tweaks to tradition seem novel. Quite an advantage for any organization willing to take calculated risks.
  • Example: Leverage fundraisers affinity to exercise by connecting wearable technologies.

Make the most of social media

  • -Integrate services like RallyBound and Boundless Fundraising to create ease of social sharing and engagement. Strong communities lead to stronger connection, which create greater fundraising production.

Be mobile ready

  • Whether its responsive or optimized, behaviors have shifted and if you aren’t mobile already you are missing out on key data, donations, and alternative engagement situations.
  • This year alone, 50% of all traffic to RallyBound sites has come from mobile. And, if we include tablet: 56%. These statistics are significant and illuminating.

Engage, Engage, Engage

  • Keep a supporter-centric mindset. Is it difficult to get in touch with you for programming questions, fundraising questions, is registration cumbersome? Apply design thinking to everything you do with laser focus on your end user.
  • Tactics such as personalized and variable triggered communication along with gamification can aid in both extrinsic and deep-level engagement. The results when implemented can be exponential.



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