5 Ways Football is Like Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

1. Great campaigns like successful football teams, have leaders who keep heads up and eyes focused on the goal at hand. These individuals are respected and have the ability to galvanize supporters for Peer-to-Peer success. Provide support to these individuals. They are rare and crucial!

2. Without a clear strategy nothing moves ahead. Multi-prong tactics work best as they highlight options based on various circumstances that can arise during a game or campaign.

3. If personnel and players are not looking at the same playbook, teams will not succeed. Peer-to-Peer is no different. Are all support staff individuals aware of all objectives? Are fundraisers engaged? Align your players and hit the field prepared and poised for success.

4. No football player is going to step out onto the field without a helmet. Or at least we hope not. For Peer-to-Peer, activating without modern technology, collateral, directives will not bode well. Give your supporters the right tools to be successful.

5. No matter how well any team trains, some unexpected occurrences will transpire. Grit, Passion and Determination allows everyone to push through. Fundraising is no different. Maybe the goal is too aggressive or the venue is hard to locate… Whatever the reason, if you cultivate real support, true passion, you’ll gain advocates who persevere and keep the ultimate goal always in sight.




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