5-Ways Soccer is like Peer to Peer Fundraising


1. Leaders

Within any successful team, you find great coaches & captains encouraging through tough times. In fundraising, supportive leaders have similar influence. Never underestimate the necessity of these individuals. They are truly the difference between good and GREAT results!

2. Team

You are only as good as your weakest link. Whether on the pitch or in the office, great teams produce. When building out a campaign make sure that you have individuals playing to their strengths, willing to go the extra mile and in a “We” frame of mind. No showboating!

3. Anticipation

The beauty of the World Cup is the anticipation. It’s the same in most high-profile sporting events like Olympics. Every four years, nations come together to celebrate sport. Look at fundraising campaigns in the same light. Frequency is not always better. Be strategic about how many times you ask for money each year. It keeps people fresh, engaged and compelled to donate.

4. All-Stars

Beyond the coaches and captains lie the all-stars. Sometimes they are one in the same, but other times, they are the dominant forces that exceed even the highest expectations and lead by doing big things. While last second heroics are gorgeous on the field, well-crafted, highly converting emails are just as picturesque and produce just as much societal impact!

5. Connections

As with soccer, the supporting cast plays a huge role. Whether it’s a turnover in the backfield or an amazing through ball, the 3rd or 4th individual can play a huge part in a goal. P2P fundraising works the same way. Friends of friends of your supports can provide a significant bump to your fundraising efforts and create EPIC impact.




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