5 Ways to Leverage 4th of July for P2P Fundraising


Great campaigns are not solely built upon a mission, but by connecting a unique activation to that mission. Charity:Water’s birthday campaigns are an example. Movember another.  As the 4th of July creeps up on the calendar, here are some unique ways to leverage our country’s independence for social impact.

1. “Skip the 2nd Scoop”: Donate $5 to Childhood Hunger

2. America’s Birthday Campaign

3. Tour of Fireworks

4. “Recipes for (insert cause)” Chili Cook-Off

5. Digital Flag Planting-Every dollar sends a flag to a veteran

People love to “do good”, but with the prevalence of so many worthy causes, those with fun and engaging actions will resonate and exceed expectations.

So…Be creative. Take a chance. P2P rewards the Red, White and BOLD.




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