7 Ways to Empathize with your Fundraisers


Empathize With Your Fundraisers.

A simple thought, but a principle we live by. Our product roadmap is aligned with fundraiser pain points, addressing the necessity for ease in the campaigning process.

We believe that organizations that start emphasize the adoption of “Fundraiser-First Thinking” will truly see transformational results in years to come.

Below are seven ways to do so in 2015:

1. Develop collateral & copy that fundraisers can utilize in their own outreach

While a cause’ importance is personal and intrinsic, providing key terms, statistics, language, etc. is an invaluable asset for your supporters, their success and your campaigns.

2. Simple Campaign Rules & Requirements

Simplicity isn’t simple, but effective. The harder the door to involvement is to open the higher the risk of losing supporters and vital funds.

3.  Advanced Technology

From social media integration to streamlined registration & modern design, the more in-line with current web standards the better. Don’t ask supporters to invest their time in an organization that can’t invest its time in making it easy for them.

4. Data based encouragement/guidelines

In a quantified world, providing tips and encouragement backed by data confirmation is sure to reduce the frustration of hoping you’ll hit your fundraising goal.

5. Perks

Not a revolutionary idea, but a tried and true method to create interest and success. Respect the investment of time.

6. Acknowledgement & Importance

A (timely) pat on the back is always appreciated. Whether through automated triggers based on goals or gatherings post-campaign, showing the love never steers you wrong.

7. ***Fundraiser Empathy

Cultivate empathy internally. Be in the mindset of your fundraisers when making every decision. Sure internal goals supercede certain aspects, but more often than not, fundraisers actions/feelings dictate the path.




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