A Little Fundraising Innovation Can’t Hurt

For the next segment in our P2P Forum 2015: Data Discoveries, we wanted to discuss the impact of overall events reducing from 44,500 in 2013 to 43,764 in 2014.

Of course, organizations will slim their count for a variety of reasons, it’s not necessarily a foreboding indication. In certain cases organizations can see a higher return as a result, St. Jude’s is a prime example, but what these numbers sparked in us was deeper inquiry: Have non-traditional events, those outside of the traditional Runs, Walks, and Rides taken a hit right along side? The answer: No.

When you exclude traditional RWR’s you see that all other events raised $267 million in 2013 and $285 million in 2014 in concert with the total number of those events rising from 31,858 to 32,137.

Why that question?

With DIY Fundraising’s stock growing exponentially and us personally witnessing the adoption rate of our fundraising platform rapidly expanding, the success of these programs becomes a critical lens with which to view total market health.

More specifically, the fact that in a down year overall, non-traditional events grew in interest and dollars stresses the opportunity that comes with innovation investment. Non-traditional events account for a larger portion of the market today, growing year-over-year and their ascent stabilizes the overall markets revenue from larger reductions.


The real takeaway becomes identifying that there is little evidence to the opinion that opportunity may be coming out of the market, it isn’t, engagement is. Administrators open to exploring of new fundraising events and architectures are striding ahead, seeing inspiring successes and deep engagement with constituents.

What can you do?

Embrace the off-beat, accept calculated risk and invest now. The organizations below have and are spreading impact while raising spirits. It’s a win-win!




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