A Well Oiled Registration Flow

The value of a smooth on-boarding flow should never be underestimated. Friction within this initial touch point can have long-term effects on whether or not an individual becomes a sustainable supporter or even whether they become a supporter at all.

There are a few key components to a great process:

1.     Mobile ready

2.     Asks for ABSOLUTE information, not NICE TO KNOW

3.     All in a single location

Two Types of Registrations

Out of the gate, RallyBound provides two variations on the registration flow. The first is called our Quick Reg, the other our Standard. The quick reg is more akin to what other SaaS platforms offer. You gather the absolutely necessary information and move swiftly into the Fundraiser HQ to begin your advocacy. In the Standard, additional bits are required and certain steps cannot be bypassed in the effort of speed.

Each of these approaches has its advantages. While both move supporters into their fundraising pages quickly and are designed with mobile in mind, the different approaches may cater to different events. Deciding on an approach forces you to consider a key component to the establishment of a campaign: are you gathering everything you need or are you gathering everything you would like to know?

Please note that in the next few months we will be releasing a Best of Both Worlds (BoBW) registration option for admins, further underscoring the importance of this real estate within your fundraising.

Custom Registration Fields

One unique feature that is enabled within every RallyBound instance is custom registration fields. Knowing that each event is unique and does require certain information, our customizable fields accommodate a myriad of scenarios.

Fields can be simple check boxes, multi or single-selects, text or date inputs. Summaries can be added alongside descriptions, which better define the particular data you wish to gather.


What’s more, you have the ability to create a refined flow by making certain fields optional or required, situated in your preferred order.


All of this can be completed within your Admin by simply entering the “Registration Fields” tab and clicking on “Add a Registration Field”. Adjustments will be reflected on your front-end upon page refresh.


The on-boarding flow is a crucial area of your fundraising initiatives. You must walk a delicate path between current and future needs while always empathizing with your supporters’ experience. There have been many studies published regarding the user’s entry point, but one thing’s for sure: One size does not fit all. What works now may not necessarily work down the line. So always investigate possible bottlenecks…You can’t please everyone, but diligence to this area will invariably pay off.




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