Got Game? Adding Achievement Badges for Fundraisers


badges2From kids collecting merit badge or getting stickers in class, to using mobile check-in apps (or playing Pokemon Go) as adults, receiving little symbols of achievement is engrained into our culture. Recognizing that achievements both motivate and reward us for a job well done, Rallybound offers this type of “gamification” for individual fundraisers on our Platform and Enterprise products.

Badges can either be used as rewards within themselves, or could possibly be used by the nonprofit as way to determine which fundraisers receive real-world incentives such as apparel or free tickets. The achievements are shown prominently on a supporter’s personal fundraising page near their fundraising goal / progress (see image to the right from The Young Survival Coalition’s West Coast Tour de Pink ride). Rallybound offers a default group of available badges, but they can also be custom designed to better match a fundraising campaign.

In the Rallybound system, badges are “triggered” by preset rules chosen by the nonprofit. Among the possible triggers, nonprofits could choose to have badges automatically awarded when a fundraiser hits certain monetary amounts, including a percentage to goal; the number of donors or donations a fundraiser has; or based on profile status, such as for team captains.

Lastly, badges not only show the commitment of the fundraiser, but also give more trust to potential donors who might not be close personal acquaintances of the fundraiser, perhaps showing that the fundraiser has donated to their own campaign, such as the “Selfless Self-Donor” achievement shown below (tooltips explaining the achievements show up on mouse-over):



If you have any questions about how Rallybound’s badges work, or you’d like to see a demo of them in action, please contact us!



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