Aligning Digital and Analog for Fundraising Engagement

Technology is wonderfully transformative. It transports us great distances in seconds, makes education available at any time and compels us to expand ourselves and minds.

But from a post to a tweet, interaction can come without ever meeting face-to-face. It is something that we tend to overlook, particularly in peer-to-peer fundraising, and shouldn’t take for granted.  

When applied tactfully, the combination of digital communication methods and human touch points can be the difference between short-term and long-term success for any organization.


9 ideas to spark engagement strategies for your next campaign:

1. Host a registration party. One night, all hands, focused on getting those key advocates activated and set.

2. Hand-written notes to top fundraisers and people who need extra motivation.

3. Fundraising strategy conference calls that everyone can join.

4. A Phone call from your Executive Director, CEO, or top leadership within your organization.

5. Meet with key fundraisers for coffee, bring breakfast to their office or drop-off a Thank You package from the organization.

6. Announce individual fundraising milestones on Social Media, tagging the fundraiser.

7. Host a VIP event surrounding your event, inviting your top fundraisers to attend.

8.‘Mission in Action’ excursions.

9. Have special ‘Thank You’ notes created that incorporate your mission and send them out to fundraisers.

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