All Nonprofits Should Consider A Matching Donation Strategy


While digital fundraising platforms such as Rallybound enable nonprofits to leverage modern Internet and mobile technologies to drive fundraising, many organizations are still leaving money on the table. They are missing out by implementing a successful offline matching donation strategy.

Many companies have a corporate philanthropic policy that includes matching funds for causes they or their employees support. About two-thirds of companies with matching fund programs will support any 501©(3) or educational program their employees choose. The other third will support nonprofits that fall into specific categories such as the arts, education, civic, child related, or environmental causes.

In 2015, Microsoft and their employees raised over $125 million for over 18,000 nonprofits and schools. The Verizon Foundation offers a wide variety of grants and matching fund programs. The GE Foundation started their matching fund program back in 1954 and it has contributed over $1.2 billion since then.

Multinational corporations are not the only companies that offer matching fund programs – many small to medium sized businesses do as well. With all of these available funds, why aren’t more nonprofits aggressively pursuing this strategy? Many nonprofits simply don’t know where to start or how to find organizations with matching funds programs.

Nonprofits that are looking to explore a matching donation strategy can start by searching for larger companies who may have corporate offices in their area. Ask if they have a matching fund program, what the restrictions are and what does it take to qualify. Many larger companies already have their matching fund information on their websites or the websites of their foundations. Be aware that some companies can make participation complicated, so be patient.

Individual fundraisers can also take the initiative (and should also be encouraged by nonprofit they are raising funds for) to reach out to their employers to see if their workplace has a matching funds program, and if so, they need to make sure that they are communicating to their peer-to-peer donors that matching funds are available.

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