Analysis Paralysis: Salesforce to the Rescue!

In a variety of ways, we’ve told non-profits about the power of data, about the magic of Salesforce and why.

The crux of data bombardment is the very possible presence of Analysis Paralysis. Scholars from every industry, every time period and country have denoted their thoughts on conquering, but with a special attention to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising in concert with Salesforce, we give you our 5 Steps to Counteract Analysis Paralysis!

1.     Anticipate

-More of a mind-set than anything else, anticipation helps drive your goals, programs and organization to the next level. Salesforce’ data management features, allow for proper forecasting and drive you forward.

2.     Define all required data points

-Customized reports in Salesforce are the sweetest thing since sliced bread. Make sure to utilize them. It forces constant analysis and forces the constant iteration of absolute needs.

3.     Set hard timeline for decision making

-If there is no deadline for a decision, nothing can ever be completed. Every campaign you deploy has to be finalized, why should data driven analysis be any different?

4.     Culture of Iteration and Experimentation

-Failure or more precisely, hesitation to fail, causes paralysis. Mark Zuckerberg has a great adage he delivers to his teams upon hitting a roadblock: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Think about it this way: you’ve hit this snag for a reason. Identify it prior to hanging your hat solely on analysis. Data verifies issues; it however, doesn’t create or solve them.

5.      Define Appropriate Goals

-“Have-To’s”-These are goals that if not hit, have dire consequences for the organization.

-Safety-Slightly ambitious, but well within the realm. These are the goals you present to the public with your Management Team truly understanding the bottom line.

-Reach/Dream/Lofty-Self-explanatory, but great motivators. In a perfect world, these goals all provide incentives to your team and fundraisers, in-house and at-large.

Always keep in mind, data empowers decision-making that allows you to overcome hindering status quos, but only if you take action on that data. Hats off to you!  




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