How animal welfare nonprofits fundraise online

Animal shelters and rescue groups do amazing things for our furry little friends. They make a difference in our community by taking care of pets that are sick and injured and those that have nowhere else to go. As many animal welfare organizations are expanding their online fundraising, we wanted to showcase how Rallybound clients are doing it. There are so many fundraising options online beyond the simple donation page.

(Pet-to-Pet) P2P Fundraising

RSPCA Australia’s peer-to-peer fundraising campaign empowers supporters by giving them options to choose their own type of fundraiser, whether its fitness related, for the holiday season or for a birthday. Rallybound’s DIY feature lets fundraisers create these on their own, with minimal support needed from organizational staff. The platform makes it easy to personalize these pages with the ability to add photos, videos, and text. The success of DIY fundraising depends on mobilizing peer networks, so once fundraisers start sharing their personalized pages on social media, their cause and message is heard by their networks and starts to get more traction.

Endurance Events + Tribute Pages

Many health-related nonprofits participate in popular endurance events all over the world, and now animal welfare organizations are leveraging these events for their fundraising as well. PAWS Chicago has created Team Paws, a charity racing and fundraising team dedicated to their mission. Members of the team run various marathons worldwide in support of PAWS Chicago. Collectively these endurance runners have raised close to $1M.

Tributes are another feature that animal welfare organizations can use, although currently few do. PAWS Chicago has a tributes page set up so that gifts can be made in honor of a person, pet or special occasion. Memorial gifts are a special way to remember a friend or family member who has passed, especially someone who had a special connection with animals. Also, pairing tributes with the e-cards can really help send a heartfelt message to the honoree or their loved ones.

A visit from our furry friends

Oregon Humane Society’s Snuggle Express brings the gift of cuddly kittens and precious puppies right to an office or school. This can be such a nice treat for employees or students, while at the same time helping the organization find homes and help more animals in need. What’s a better way to fundraise for our furry friends than to make them a part of it! Oregon Humane Society Snuggle Express visits range from 15 mins to 2 hours, varying in price. Rallybound’s ticketing page allows organizations to easily create multiple tiers of tickets and sponsorships that can be purchased for this type of event.



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