Apply #SharkWeek Tactics. Improve Peer-to-Peer Campaign Buzz


Last week, our team examined the possible issue of Donor Fatigue. While many worry about it creeping into their donor base, it is best to focus on solutions.

This week is SharkWeek, a hallow time. And as it’s touted, it has been the “King of Summer since 1987”. There is good reason for that. Focused Deployment. Discovery Channel continues to show dominance in its ability to cannibalize all other shows once-a- year for an entire week. Many networks are content with one individual show a week, controlling its time-slot. So why should you care? Approaching your fundraising campaigns with the utmost precision to preventing saturation, as does SharkWeek, will undoubtedly provide significant impact on your ROI.

Here’s How to Be Like SharkWeek? 

1.  Align Campaign Timeline with Mission

Every mission lends itself particularly well to a certain time of year. Holidays? Warmer months? No matter the time of year, capture it and own it. Galvanizing supporters every April is a less daunting task than doing so every October, March, and May.

2.  Engaging Campaign

Sure, your cause is of great importance. They all are, but studies show that motivating by inspiration rather than fear and negativity is much more productive. Be bold. Have fun! #icebucketchallenge anyone?

3.  Precise Rollout Strategy

Give people time to burst with excitement. Lead them to the tantalizing waters of your mission slowly and guide their engagement as automated or manually as you like. We prefer automated, as does your staff.

4.  Only Highly Targeted Asks Throughout Remainder of Year

Don’t worry. You can still raise money year round, but it doesn’t have to be via a peer-to-peer campaign. Anniversary and milestone campaigns can be, but recurring donations and highly targeted segments allow for time specific asks that are acceptable throughout the year sans a larger initiative.




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