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Posts by Chad Catacchio

Rebuilding Together uses Rallybound for crowdfunded designated giving

Rebuilding Together has launched an innovative fundraising campaign called [Re]Build to encourage donors to support its home and community structure repairs program. This designated giving campaign uses crowdsourcing to help fund different parts of a home, including repairing roofs, windows and furnaces, among other home improvements. Working with Rallybound, Rebuilding Together recently launched a national campaign…

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Build your nonprofit fundraising stack, Part 4: CMS

This is the fourth and final part in our series about what we call the “Nonprofit Fundraising Technology Stack,” and in this installment we’re going to focus on options for integrating your main website – whether it’s a CMS or hard-coded – with your fundraising tools. Content management systems The most essential online presence that…

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Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference 2018 speakers: MMRF’s Jane Hoffmann

We’re continuing our series on Rallybound customers speaking at next week’s Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference in Miami with Jane Hoffmann of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). Hoffmann will be speaking on Thursday, March 1, during the 3-5pm time slot in a session entitled, “Quality Over Quantity.” According to the conference program, Hoffmann will discuss,…

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¡Done ahora! – Rallybound sites can now be completely translated

Giving is global and people are naturally more comfortable with their native language, especially in regards to fundraising, which involves asking for and giving donations. While Rallybound has long supported Google Translate as an integration, the translations have not been editable for the nonprofits. For nonprofits with supporters in multiple countries – and/or those that…

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Platform updates: Editing pages; registration notifications; returning fundraisers

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. This week, we made some minor changes to our platform based on customer feedback and inline with our product roadmap. These include changing our campaign page editing hover-bar as well as an improvement to our Activity Stream for nonprofit administrators. We also released some updates earlier this month…

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Year in review: New ways to work with our fundraising platform

2017 was all about bringing new functionality to our users, along with fresh interfaces and powerful enhancements to our fundraising platform architecture. Many of the features that were rolled out this year are foundational building blocks to where our users and our team see our fundraising platform going in the coming years. We were thrilled…

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