Be honest, You Love and Hate Virality

Virality: The elusive and agitating term. What everyone wants, but so few catch.

It creates envy, a wanting to duplicate another brands sensation for organizational awareness. The interest is warranted. From celebrities to brands, these “movements” have made significant impressions, but they are not the be all and end all. We’ll address this later.

For the most part, we believe it’s lightning in a bottle. However, Wharton professor, Jonah Berger, has extensively studied these marvels and crafted what he believes are the 6 STEPPS to achieving what was once out of reach.

S – Social Currency

        Give followers a seat at the “cool” table. Place them behind the velvet rope.

T – Triggers

        Become TOP of mind. Strike a nerve and become ever-present.

E – Emotion

        Move, inspire, and captivate users. Ensure that messages can create a deep, intrinsic connection.

P – Public

        Make them proud to share. Imitation is the sincerest sign of flattery.

P – Practical Value

        Is there a product-market fit? Does it relate to their daily life? If not, why would they tell their network?

S – Stories

        The vehicles of choice for true virality; narratives connect and prompt action in the community. Everyone loves a good story! So tell one!

Now, even with these insights, nothing is certain. Social media is fluid and dynamic. The key is to focus on TRUE virality. 

Think about this way, the common equation for virality is: K=i* C or that the aggregate number of shares by your followers are >/= 1. So…getting to the designation isn’t unattainable. You may not make national news, but if you spark the right light, who is to say how wide that fire can burn.




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