Before and After: Personal Fundraising Page

In this series, Before and After, we highlight some of the differences between our software and one of our competitors. While the competitor will remain nameless, some readers might be able to discern based on their design profile. The features we are going to cover over the next few posts are:

1. Personal fundraising page design

2. Donation page design

3. Participant registration flow

In this post, we will review the personal fundraising page design. This is one of the most critical pages in peer to peer fundraising. It is the place where fundraisers rally for donations. Here users have the opportunity to describe why they are raising money for the campaign and share their passion about the cause and nonprofit organization.

The first screenshot below is of the competition’s personal page. Clearly the page offers a limited amount of media. Only a profile photo and some small areas for descriptive text are available to the fundraiser to customize and share their story. It looks impersonal and feels cold. The various donation options and field to enter your own amount are a plus; however, the radio buttons and progress thermometer could use some modernizing.


Below is another screenshot of the same nonprofit event and fundraiser using RallyBound software. You can see the stark difference between designs. We incorporate the nonprofit’s brand by using their unique color scheme. A large space for a profile photo to distinguish the fundraiser along with photos and videos positioned front and center are incorporated for maximum effect. There are calls to action for sharing on Facebook or Twitter as well as a clear prompt for visitors to “Join the Team”. The Facebook Comments integration provides a social hook to push the conversation out to the fundraiser’s social network. Lastly, we collapse the donation amounts into a drop down to conserve space and allow for more activity in the right rail. The recent donations and top team fundraisers stream breathes life into the page and shows the activity that each fundraiser’s campaign is creating.


This individual fundraiser raised over 15% more in donations using RallyBound software. There are many factors that likely contributed to this margin, but we know that a primary factor was the effective design capabilities of the personal page and the donation flow. WHICH, coincidentally, will be covered in our next post!!




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