Before and After: Registration Flow

This is the last post in the 3 part series is WAY over due! In this post of our Before and After series, we break down the participant registration flow of our client’s previous platform. The series has attempted to show the power of a well designed and intuitive software that ultimately helps your organization raise more money in peer-to-peer fundraising.  

Your fundraisers and participants are the lifeblood of any event or campaign. Providing an easy signup process enables your organization to onboard more advocates in a shorter period of time. However, you have to balance the ease-of-use with the need to collect necessary information.

The registration process can be a very complex and arduous for users. The longer and more complicated the flow, the larger “drop off users” a system will have. First let’s breakdown the competitors flow:

1. In this first step, the waiver is presented. A questionable first step pushing a “legal” disclaimer upon clicking a “get involved” call to action.

2. After agreeing to the waiver, the user is asked to identify their role. Join or start a team, stay as an individual, etc. Again a very text heavy form is presented.

3. Finally in the next step we reach the “sign up” process. The complication with the step is two fold. First, IF the user has read through all the copy in the first two steps, only now do we start to capture information about the user. Secondly, the Username is just that, an unidentifiable identity as opposed to an email address. This request for a Username requires the individual to remember two things: both their Fundraiser specific username and their login password.  

4. Once the username is created, the 4th step starts to request specific information on the user. However, it is not just standard information. It is actually 5 disparate sections of information and it feels like a line at the DMV.  

5. The form was so long I could not fit it into a single screenshot. After completion, you receive a confirmation. Sensitive info omitted.

Now, let’s break down the RallyBound registration flow.

1. First step is to create an account, click once for a single sign on with Facebook or enter your Name, email address and password.

2. Register to attend the walk. Pay the fee to get your t-shirt.

3. Upon confirmation, the waiver is presented.

4. After the waiver is accepted, fill out payment information.

5. The next step is to identify your participating role: start or join a team or stay solo.

6. Next update your personal fundraising goal.

7. Create a custom URL for your personal fundraising page.

8. Last step update your profile image on your personal page.

A few things that are obviously different between the two flows are aesthetic. We try to use larger font and clear calls to action to lead users through the registration process. RallyBound also indicated where the registrant is within the process. ex. Step 3 of 5. Lastly, we try to keep the process concise in that steps are outlined logically and only the necessary information is presented at the appropriate time. We are continually optimizing this process. Please feel free to request a demo to see the tools and registration flow for yourself.




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