6 Organizations Embracing Nontraditional Fundraising

Innovation needs strategic focus and creative ingenuity. When properly synced, its power is astronomical. Within 2013 and 2014 alone, $552 million was raised outside of traditional fundraising structures. No doubt about it, this is an incredible time to be in development. From technology maturing to organizations becoming more comfortable with investing, institutions across the globe are approaching their events with fresh eyes.

In this follow up to 2014’s Wildest Fundraisers infographic, we wanted to highlight a few of our clients who are embracing Non-Traditional or Funky concepts.

Architecturally crafted to accommodate various iterations of peer-to-peer fundraising, we welcome the challenge of innovation. Initiatives like these not only push fundraising, but push our technology to new levels.

From utilizing Admin Permissions to crafting custom instance tickets, all 6 of the organizations below leverage the technology stack to their constituents benefit.


Dance Marathon

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

“Eradication of Pediatric Aids”

What’s unique?: Utilized admin permissions to allow for volunteers to manage dance marathons. 

Tour De BBQ

Tour de BBQ supporting MidWest Cancer Alliance’s Transition Clinic

“Pediatric Cancer survivor support”

What’s unique?: Blended navigation allowed for focus on one url increasing brand awareness, traffic and support.

Truck Pull

Friendship Circle of Michigan

“Programming for individuals with special needs”

What’s unique?: In conjunction with RallyBound’s development team they leveraged responsive design and refined donation pages to provide a smoother transaction flow across devices.

Spelling Bee for Cheaters

Family Tree Clinic

“Providing medical services for those enduring financial hardship”

What’s unique?: They completely emulated branding from their main url but paid careful attention to the layering of colors, allowing the concept to stand out on its own.

Sober October

Sober October supporting Canadian Cancer Society

“Supporting cancer research and complimentary programming”

What’s unique?: Reimagined tickets into “Hall Passes” which synced with the overall messaging of the campaign.

Boxer 500

Great Plains Colon Cancer Taskforce

“Promotion of education for Colon Cancer and services”

What’s unique?: Restructured their (fundraising) platform landing page to drive traffic directly to their two signature events. 

The innovation listed above spans design shifts to approachable copy down to the management and product level. And even though some events are still in their pre-registration phase, they are none the less embracing unique fundraising concepts. We are proud to call them clients and are eager to engage with others applying novel approaches. 

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