Drip marketing: 5 tips for nonprofit fundraising

All nonprofit professionals need to be familiar with drip marketing campaigns, a series of triggered emails that can be sent out to potential donors. Rallybound facilitates these types of campaigns both directly in our system and with integrations into third party email marketing systems such as MailChimp and Constant Contact. Below is a list of tips on how to run a successful drip campaign:

1. Quality

Drip campaigns are a valuable marketing tool, but they are only as good as the emails you write. Be prepared to create high quality emails that convey the message of your nonprofit in a captivating way. Invest in your drip marketing emails and be prepared to possibly hire someone that specialized in this type of content to write for your organization.

2. Personalized tone

The more personable your emails are, the more likely you are to encourage individuals to give. The last thing someone wants to read is a message that sounds like its been sent by a robot – so, write emails from “you to them.” The exact tone should reflect your organization’s personality and mission.

3. Calls to action

Each email should have a clear call to action. What do you want your supporters to do after reading each of your emails? There should be no confusion about the goal of each email in the drip campaign. Is it a direct call for donations? To get new participants? Whatever the goal of the email, make sure that the reader knows it and that it’s clearly shown in the design.

4. Add suspense
Create some suspense to your emails, promising rewards – figuratively or literally – to keep readers engaged. Drip emails can turn boring fast if they don’t have some added suspense to them. For example, create a countdown for an upcoming event or promote a giveaway to keep the momentum going before a potential donor clicks the unsubscribe button on your email.

5. Analyze tracking data

The data received from email campaigns can not only help with optimization of future campaigns, but can also be a useful for charting the overall strategy of marketing efforts. Make sure to analyze all of the data that the email system provides and make appropriate changes to content, timing and calls to action in subsequent campaigns that your organization designs.



Stephanie Farokhi


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