Drone on! A fun addition to fundraising events

Drone in action

Every nonprofit fundraising event could likely benefit from something extra and distinctive to attract new attendees and potential donors and adding a drone to an event is a great option. Recently, many large events have benefited from employing drones. Here’s a couple of reasons to consider using drones:

Drones uniquely capture your event

Drones can capture film that humans are incapable of achieving, granting your guests a unique viewpoint of your entire event. For example, if you host a fundraising run, adding a drone to your event is a great way to capture a distinctive angle of your runners. The footage can also be used for marketing for your future fundraising events.

Drones are fun

There are many ways that drones could raise the level of fun at an event – for example, a racecourse could be created for the drones to race each other. Remember that the more enjoyable your event is for your attendees, the more likely they will be interested in promoting as well as donating to your organization.

Younger participants like drones

Adding drones to your fundraising event will appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy crowd, who are often great peer-to-peer fundraisers.



Stephanie Farokhi


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