eCards gives donors to tribute campaigns a new way to share

As we have mentioned before, Rallybound offers multiple ways for nonprofits to collect memorial and tribute donations. These donations are often given “in honor of” a person, and on our standalone Tribute Pages, nonprofits have the option of letting donors include a special message, either directly to the person being named, or in the case of memorials, to the deceased person’s family, friends or other acquaintances. Rallybound offers two ways to send those messages, either through email or by submitting a physical address so that the nonprofit can mail a postcard or similar. Recently, we added a new feature to the email notifications: eCards.

The interface that donors see to select eCards on Tribute Pages.

eCards are custom-made images that nonprofits can include as an additional option for donors when they email someone telling them that they have made a tribute donation. Our customers need to be sensitive to such a delicate issue as tribute donations and feel this is the perfect way. This additional media offers the possibility to provide support on a topic when words can be difficult to find, while supporting a cause that is important to all involved.

The Rallybound admin interface gives nonprofit staff fine-tuned and flexible controls over what sections to show on Tribute Pages, including eCards. The system offers a built in cropping tool to get images just right, and both portrait and landscape oriented images can be used as eCards.

Nonprofit staff can select which sections to show to donors on Tribute Pages, including eCards.

Standalone Tribute Pages are available to all Rallybound customers on a Platform or Enterprise license. To learn more about eCards, read our documentation or contact our support or sales teams.



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