Party time! Setting up gala fundraising campaigns

It’s that time of year: fall is gala season. Many organizations host galas as their signature fundraising event, while others see them as a piece of the fundraising pie. Galas provide organizations with a stage to share their accomplishments, recognize their supporters, and of course, fundraise!

Many galas are held at lavish venues, with a chance for guests to dress up and have a wonderful wine and dine experience, while supporting a great cause. Often, a celebrity or two will be in the mix to generate buzz for the event. The idea is for people to come together to socialize, network and have fun. Whether a nonprofit chooses to run a fancy gala or a different event completely outside the box, Rallybound can provide various options for ticketing and fundraising needs.

Ticket Builder

Creating a fundraising event page can be done easily through the Rallybound platform using the Ticket Builder feature. Ticket Builder is an easy-to-use tool where various types of tickets and sponsorships can be created. All changes are synced on the front-end of the page as soon as they are made by the nonprofit admin. For each ticket, a description, expiration date, price, and available quantity can be viewed. Tickets can easily be reordered with a drag and drop option to customize the list view.

Ticket editing allows users to set price, quantity, expiration dates and to also create a custom field of their choice, e.g. a textbox, dropdown, etc.

The customized fields also give the options to collect any guest information needed for the event, including meal preferences and T-shirt sizes.

Here are a few examples of unique sponsorship levels and ticket purchase options that can be created in Ticket Builder.

Here is a live example of a gala ticketing page for the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, that was built using Ticket Builder.

Peer-to-peer fundraising campaign

Another option to fundraise for your gala event would be to create a full peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

While often associated with run/walk/ride events, peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising can apply to almost any type of activity. With P2P fundraising, individuals can fundraise for the event and get the word out, and a nonprofit can even offer the option of fundraising with or without purchasing a ticket to the event. Supporters can choose their own fundraising goal and the nonprofit can possibly add incentives (such as a “free” ticket to the gala once a certain threshold is reached) to motivate fundraisers.

Here’s a live example of a P2P fundraising campaign being applied to a gala event, showing the individual fundraiser pages in support of the event. So what are you waiting for? It’s party time!



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