Giving Tuesday – New ideas for 2019

Giving Tuesday ideas for 2019!

Giving Tuesday has gone from a niche online movement to a multi-billion dollar fundraising event. As overall donations increase every year, getting attention for those funds for mission-based organizations can be a challenge.

While many organizations simply appeal to known donors, other nonprofits look to Giving Tuesday as way to attract new donors that otherwise might not have exposure to their mission. Let’s take a look at a few new ideas for 2019 that nonprofits might want to try out to reach both new and existing donors.


As the IFRC just shared, TikTok – a wildly popular video sharing mobile app – is well worth looking into. #GivingTuesday this year will almost certainly make its way to TikTok with younger users, and this could be a great way to get a quick message out to a new audience. We’d suggest that nonprofits get on TikTok sooner rather than later anyway, and Giving Tuesday is a great reason to do it sooner.

Giving Tuesday Leaderboard

Rallybound’s peer to peer fundraising platform provides leaderboards for fundraisers and team fundraisers for both traditional and DIY campaigns. While many nonprofits prefer to launch a donation page for Giving Tuesday, others work to get a head start on donations and create a full peer to peer fundraising campaign around Giving Tuesday, usually starting a month before the big day.

With a full campaign, nonprofits can implement leaderboards not only through the entire month, but especially can highlight them during the 24 hours following Cyber Monday. We’ve seen this work to great success for clients such as the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and we’d encourage any nonprofit to go this route.

Matching Gifts

While many nonprofits use matching gifts in their year-end fundraising campaigns, setting up matches and pledges for Giving Tuesday is less common. A new option on the Rallybound platform this year for donation pages is our Show Your Match feature.

Show Your Match lets nonprofits easily set up a widget on their donation pages that will automatically increase the full impact of a donation in relation to how many matchers have agreed to participate. For instance, if there are two people or companies that have agreed to match any donation, then a $100 dollar donation will automatically display as a $300 donation! Additionally, the nonprofit can set a timer either to add more urgency to the match and/or in agreement with the matching donor’s request.

Matching gifts for Giving Tuesday!

This type of powerful matching wasn’t available before for Giving Tuesday, and we think this is a great option to maximize support in 2019!



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