How Homes For Our Troops drives fundraising through social media

We recently had the pleasure of presenting a case study with Krista Landry of Homes For Our Troops at the Nonprofit Social Media Summit, an event created by Neon One consultant Julia Campbell to celebrate all things social media and nonprofits.

During our presentation, we covered a few key ways that Homes For Our Troops has leveraged their mission using social media—alongside Rallybound’s peer to peer fundraising platform—to raise over $3 million. We wanted to share a few key takeaways to help other organizations leverage social media like the professionals at Homes For Our Troops.

About Homes For Our Troops

Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) is a publicly-funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post–9/11 veterans, enabling them to rebuild their lives.

  • Nearly 90 cents of every dollar spent has gone directly to program services.
  • HFOT provides a fully accessible one floor home with over 40 custom adaptations.
  • Veterans receive these home mortgage-free.

Krista is the head contact for Team HFOT’s fundraising running team, DIY Runners, which participates in many races nationwide. Team HFOT has hundreds of runners that make every mile count for its mission of building homes and rebuilding lives. They have bibs in some great races such as the Bank Of America Chicago Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon!

Social media and fundraising reach

The organization has put an amazing amount of effort into creating a substantial and loyal following on social media. Some basic stats for Homes For Our Troops include:

Social Media Reach

Fundraising Impact

  • Over 19,000 fundraisers
  • $3 million+ raised through events powered by Rallybound

Total raised through Facebook:

  • Over $80,000 to date in 2019
  • Over $200,000 in 2018

How HFOT and its fundraisers use social media

HFOT uses social media to spread its mission and grow their reach by sharing veteran stories, upcoming events, and ways their constituents can get involved. Examples include:

  • RSVPing to event pages to let the org know they are coming to a build event.
  • Uploading photos from events to Facebook so attendees can tag themselves and share with their networks.
  • Learn about upcoming Team HFOT Races.
  • HFOT uses the nonprofit setup that Facebook provides such as the donate button and “Create a Fundraiser” button to raise more

What their fundraisers do

HFOT empowers its supporters with tools to ensure they have their own conversations and energize their own audiences. Here’s how HFOT Runner Sue Kiefer has been successful:

Leveraging Rallybound’s platform

As HFOT has shown, there are many ways to leverage social media to drive both fundraisers and donors to execute and contribute to successful campaigns. The key to any peer to peer fundraising platform is to provide an experience that is easy for organizational administrators, new and returning fundraisers, and donors of all sizes. Some key Rallybound features that help engagement are:

  • An easy onboarding process, with either single or multi-step setup for fundraisers
  • A login portal for both initial setup of a fundraiser’s page as well as future campaigns
  • A portal checklist feature to give clear steps to fundraisers on how to succeed
  • Facebook Livestreaming capabilities – personal videos raise $150% more!
  • Contact syncing with Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, and more to streamline communications
  • Template capabilities for fundraisers to email supporters and drive them toward the campaign page or social media prompts
  • Social sharing features are a must! 97% of all failed campaigns are shared less than two times

Fundraiser retention is key

One of the most important takeaways is that investing the time and energy into keeping fundraisers engaged, happy, and excited will lead to long term success. Krista shared that her team creates onboarding resources, including guides and videos, to ensure that people feel comfortable telling their story.

The HFOT team gives social media “shout outs” to their top fundraisers as well and celebrates their supporters’ successes through various channels and at events themselves. Krista even mentioned how she wore a prom dress around the office to energize people.

We’re grateful for Krista Landry and Homes For Our Troops in joining us at the recent Nonprofit Social Media Summit. It is an honor to count them among the hundreds of organizations utilizing Rallybound to change the lives of people living and working in our communities. We look forward to seeing them continue to grow as they further develop their programs.

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